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Friday, January 13, 2017


Sometimes I think people just want you to hurt about something.  They make you feel pain because it's what they're feeling inside from another interaction or situation.  They decide that the world must suffer for this outrageous scourge upon their soul and whoever comes along first will bear the main brunt of it.  The psychos among us may even go so far as to chop that someone up and stick their frozen remains in a chest freezer.

"What's for dinner love?"  the man shouted down to his wife who was in the cellar.

"It's lovely legs again.  This bitch hasn't got much fat though.  All gristle and muscle.  That's what you get for breeding a load of exercise freaks.  No fat to moisten up your plate".

Yeah.  I can imagine that.  Actually whatever you can imagine, worse has happened.  Even my twisted brain cannot even scrape the surface of what someone has done to another at some point in human history.  It's not that we're BAD as such.  We just have a strong desire to win and to survive and if that means killing off the competition humans have absolutely NO compunction in doing so.  They'll even be proud of "cleaning up" the unwanted and the unemployed and the law breakers.  It's ok to destroy human life as long as those who make the rules are free of violence or accountability.  Communism is really good for that.  Make all the laws, enforce them and then fucking break them because they don't apply to the five or six people at the top with all the wealth of the entire country.

I am also highly suspicious about tax haven countries.  Cyprus in particular.  One day I'm going to go there and find out what they spent all my money on when they stole it and so far have refused to give it back.  These companies are based in England and then they send the money off-shore to the tax haven where they pretend to be BINARY OPTION agents.  I'm fairly fucking sure it's got NOTHING to do with BINARY OPTIONS but more like money laundering activities so that no tax needs to be paid by SOMEONE DOWN THE LINE.

Before I die, I am going to put OPTION RALLY out to dry!  I am going to expose them for the absolute crooks that they are and I am going to get the money back that is still in my account!  They refuse to let me gain access for reasons they will not disclose or divulge or discuss.

A word of advice from a woman who got stung, NEVER send your money offshore to anyone unless you can physically go there and find out what they are doing with it.  NEVER TRUST ANYONE DEALING WITH BINARY OPTIONS UNLESS THEY ARE IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY AND YOU CAN FOLLOW IT UP THROUGH THE PROPER CHANNELS THAT EXIST TO PROTECT YOU.

Nevertheless, you can rest assured that QT ELLIS will not rest on her laurels or anything else in this regard.  I will fight it until the end and I will get to the bottom of the scam and at least get the money back from my trading account.  OPTION RALLY, LOOK OUT, I'M NOT THROUGH WITH YOU!

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