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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The End Of Time?

I imagine the universe on some kind of weird miniature scale.  The ACTUAL SIZE of the universe is so vast I'm sure Jack Brabham would've got lost even with his navigational skills.

Something dropped a really hot potato ~ let's call that the SUN.  This something that caused the SUN to be born is INCONCEIVABLE.  It is not possible to even imagine what kind of thing might have happened to cause the birth of the SUN.  However whatever it was, it wasn't free from calamity, because everything that we observe in the sky is the direct result of its existence.

I imagine IT as some huge weird mystical being with a magic wand.  He fucked up his magic trick, said the wrong words in the wrong order and created a fireball in his hat instead of a rabbit.  It was so bloody hot he dropped the hat on his toe with the fireball in it and burned a hole in his foot and the wooden stage floor.  The fireball went crashing down into the storey below that and the storey below that and the storey below that until it finally hit the bottom storey, taking everything out in its wake.  The mystical wizard creature is so angered by the destruction of his habitat AND his foot whilst trying to perform one of his incantations that he commands a spell to cast the fireball as far out into the atmosphere as possible and create an intense trail of destruction that would be spread as far as his power could project.

The fact that he was under such a moment of rage only served to intensify his power when conjuring up the frenzy of the spell, and as he boomed his final uttering the fireball went surging into space faster than Beckham could have bent it.  As it hurtled along it hit a massive rock.  I say massive in a very loose manner, because massive could not describe the size of this rock in any way that we could comprehend.  I could say FUCKING HUGE and that MAY give you some indication of its humongousness.

Well you know what happens when a thing going REALLY REALLY fast hits another object don't we?  Yes, it's fun to watch but the aftermath and the clean up is a pitiful job and some prick always has to do it. So please don't try this at home unless supervised by a suitable other dipstick.

I could only imagine that the impact caused shards of rock to be hurtled through the atmosphere of various sizes and shapes.  I don't think the pieces were necessarily ROUND but obviously they are still continuing to HURTLE as I type and I guess the result of something traveling so fast through the air is to blunt the edges somewhat.  The phenomenon that we refer to as THE EXPANSION OF THE UNIVERSE is the continuation of the journey these rocks on fire are taking through space.   The time that it takes to expand is a trillion trillion trillion trillion billion light years away.  I thought I'd add one billion in there just to be on the safe side.  I mean really it's a fucking long way away from us.

Anyway on one of these BIGGER ROCKS that didn't burn up in the atmosphere and become stars and other shit like that, the atmospheric conditions became somehow favorable to sustain life.  For argument's sake we'll call this rock EARTH.  I know it's a bit boring but we can rename it later if we want.  Maybe we could call it Sphericals?  Considering the size of the original rock it would seem likely that the possibility of more planets that could sustain life like EARTH to have been created?  Well, maybe not?  I mean, maybe the conditions had to be fairly exact for those chemical reactions to have taken place?  Is that so hard to believe?  After all when we conduct scientific experiments in the lab our ingredients are measured out with some degree of precision.  So for argument's sake we'll say that the atmospheric conditions around Earth spawned the first single celled living creature ... we don't know how yet ... but we know that it's a miracle of science that remains shrouded in mystery.

I fucking love a good mystery.  I have a hunch that a lot of other people do too.  That's why I reckon one day we'll have scientific evidence to substantiate how the first life on Earth came about.  And I bet you it will have fuck all to do with any GOD ... but more to do with an incredible set of chemical reactions.

So next time you think of the word MIRACLE, go look in the mirror and take a look at yourself.  Because once your brain can comprehend the likelihood of you standing before your mirror KNOWING THAT YOU WERE STANDING BEFORE YOUR OWN REFLECTION and how minute it is, you'll begin to realize that your life truly is a MIRACLE.

Will TIME come to an end?  Probably not.  The time continuum will just keep going on and on forever as there's supposedly infinite space to fill.  I guess you could liken it to the internet and the likelihood of THAT ever FILLING UP to capacity.  NIL.

One thing I acknowledge with some fascination however, is the knowledge that a long time from now (when I'm long dead and cold in my grave) the planets and stars in the sky will get a lot lot closer to the Earth and one day the Moon will loom really LARGE in our night sky and it will be beautiful!

Sadly time is up all to quickly for some and not fucking fast enough for others ;).

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