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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Nothing more comforting than raindrops on the roof when you're safe and dry within the confines of your humble abode.  Humble being the operative word.  For all my possessions are now not worth a fucking damn except perhaps ... no there is no perhaps ... even when I strain my brain I cannot think of a perhaps.  This is fucking serious people.

For a woman this is where retail therapy should kick in.  I seem to be lacking this particular gene, I have no doubt that the deficiency came from my Mother, who considers shopping somewhat of a chore also.  I think couple this with the fact that there's a fair chance whatever I buy will be wrecked at a fairly fast pace thanks to Samantha, who if takes a fancy to something, will take it outside and rub it into the bricks with her feet.  Many a DVD's fate has wound up being ground into the pavement out the front by my daughter's hoof.
I've discovered that once they get this kind of treatment the chances of them playing again are slim to fuck all.  Other things have also come to their final resting place in the dirt or on the road after enduring horrific ordeals.  It is for this reason that I have become even more phobic of expensive fancy objects and accessorizing the home.  For what is the use of having a display home when a) It's gonna get trashed and b) No fucker ever comes to visit anyway.

Suffice to say my home is fairly thread bare.  A little like my apparel also, you may be thinking?  It is true I don't mind flashing my tits off a bit.  I mean for fuck's sake, what woman with headlights like mine wouldn't give them the old flaunt routine?  You should see the shocked look on people's faces if I get a good swing up when the travelator's broken at Westfield.  Honestly you wouldn't think that anyone had seen a good pair of tits before the way some people react.

There was this one older lady in Woolworths the other day and as she approached me she exclaimed  "Dear Oh Dear"  as she walked past, like "accidentally on purpose" so I would hear.   I wasn't in the mood for taking shit that day so I followed her up to the checkout and yelled obscenities at her while she processed her items.  She was so shocked that I took aversion to the comments I doubt she'll do that to anyone again in a hurry.

I reckon there'll more discrimination against tits then there is against a Burka in Australia one day.  I hope we can get our act together and be like the Swedish and just simply put our foot down.  I really couldn't give a fuck what you want to wear but don't expect me to fucking wear it or anything remotely like it.   Fashion is there for exploitation ~ how can half the population look good and confident if they hide under a fucking black doona cover all day long?  Not to mention how hot they must be ... geez imagine the sweat .. ew.   I've noticed lately that modified versions of the Burka are coming into the shops that are different colors with sequins on them ~ The evening Burka collection or some shit.  Ooo such versatility.  Look good while you pray.  He likes the pretty ones *wink wink*

Personally, I try to be open minded about religion.  If you can get along with people and help them then it doesn't really matter what you believe about your cultural background and who am I to tell YOU that it's a load of crap, even if I believe that it is A COMPLETE LOAD OF CRAP?  By the same token, however, I think you should grant me similar RESPECT by understanding that as far as I'm concerned you can take your fundamentalist attitude and stick it where the sun don't shine.  And soon you will discover that it will not be possible to survive in the dark ages and hold onto old customs and beliefs as well as maintain the flexibility needed in today's world to move forward in a positive, united manner.

How long does it take for people to understand that before you CAN you must let go of everything that's held you back from understanding.  And much of your inability to understand comes from holding onto old and outdated information as sacrosanct.

Life is a bit like raindrops ... You'll try to catch it in a cup ... But it will slip through your fingers ... And it will evaporate into the sands of time.

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