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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You May Say I'm A Dreamer

When you've got kids ~ albeit really strange ones ~ you become more interested where the future will take humanity when you've died.  As though you've sowed a seed into the gene pool of human kind for all eternity.  Even more so, I would imagine, if your children have children and you're still alive to witness them, it's even more intriguing to think what the world will be like when your grand child is as old as you one day.

When you think of the ingenuity of our species in how far we've come it seems incredible to me that with all the violence and terror in the world people are still prepared to leave their homes and go see it for themselves.  I regret having never traveled as now I'm not sure whether I want to.  I'm beginning to think that maybe the world will not be a free thinking place in the future like we've enjoyed here in Australia since I was born.  I can say whatever I like on here in the name of free thinking and speaking ... it's my blog and well, if you don't like it, you have the right to leave this page whenever you feel compelled to do so.  That's free thinking.  I  take it for granted that I have the ability and capacity to think for myself and for the most part make my own decisions about my role and behavior in life.  There are some people in the world, however, who do not have the gift of living under these conditions.  Their life is governed by things they have been born into and they will take their place in the indoctrination line along with their siblings and enter into the belief system that is, simply, false.

This is a distressing situation.  I think all people of the world should have a choice as to what they believe and how they want to live their life.  There are some fundamental rules of thumb of course which are you must follow the law of the land and abide by it.  They must work and pay their taxes and get paid handsomely so they're happy and secure so they'll go out and spend it and hence the economy wheel turns.  We need to get more savvy in dealing with waste as the population increases and more products are being consumed.  We need to find a way forward that will make the most of what Mother Nature has to offer us yet be concerned and always bare in mind the environmental cost that will be a future burden.

Sometimes I feel angry at the fact that for the short time we're alive we learn that despite all the education and training and management skills we've endured for the sake of our bank balances, we can't seem to transfer that into anything meaningful on a global scale.  In business they understand streamlining.  I think human beings as a whole have to get better at streamlining.

If you've ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself *What the fuck am I doing and why?*  then you'll understand where I'm coming from.  Surely if we had a definitive understanding of exactly WHAT THE FUCK WE WERE DOING and is it TO THE GREATER GOOD that we are DOING IT FOR?  Surely if we could find answers to these questions we could put our minds at rest that our journeys through life are worthwhile and are to be celebrated and praised and give greater credence and respect to those who passed through life earlier and made it possible to live in free societies today around the world.  Without unification and solidarity worldwide in seeking to identify the answers to these problems and become more of a collective voice, I feel that more unnecessary segregation and unrest may occur once again.

I mean, what if we find out that we're actually the living by-products of some experiment that went horribly wrong and they're keeping us alive on Earth until such time as they need more food? 

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