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Saturday, July 16, 2011

If You Could Do Something Phenomenal ...

"We're On The Highway To Hell ..." AC/DC

I hope they're incorrect, but they probably don't care because they'll be dead by the time we get there.  How old are those geezers now?  They managed to pull one last "phenomenal" concert out of the box ~ I'm sure it bolstered their coffers because it put a dent in mine and it was only the cost of one ticket!  Still, I hope they are happy and can finally lay their music career to rest along with the original lead singer Bon Scott.  I am told his Mother still lives right here in Freo which is about 2 hours drive from where I'm sitting now.  Might just rock up and pay her a visit, I'm sure she'd be thrilled :)

But why am I talking about AC/DC?  Well the answer's simple.  I'm not talking about the band ~ I'm talking about your sexual orientation.  Why do I want to talk about your sexual orientation?  Because it's one of those taboo subjects like religion, politics and which flavour Tic Tac you prefer that is somehow intrinsically private and personal to the extent that people will go to great lengths to conceal it if they fear ridicule.

And so I'd like to blunder in at this point and blow the whole thing out of the water and start talking about it openly.  It's a risky business ~ talking about this sort of thing with strangers.  You probably think I'm going to turn out to be some sort of pervert don't you?  C'mon be honest ~ you think I'm going to start getting all sexual on you and start typing oh, oh, oooh, arhhh YES YES ~ OH MY GOD! .... But I won't insult your intelligence just yet ok? :)

The purpose of this introductory article into the world of "SEX ACCORDING TO Qt" (Couldn't quite bring myself to make it the title though ~ I know I'm a CHICKEN.  BTW I'm allowed to call myself chicken but not YOU.  I'm a bit like Michael J. Fox in Back To The Future ... remember?) is to give you my interpretation ~ from a woman's perspective of course ~ of how sexual gender roles can play an important role in the personality you project.  I will also give you some insight into how men feel about the whole thing too ~ it's going to amaze you!  I have to say to you at this point, however, that I lay my cards on the table in this series of posts about SEX for you, my fans in the virtual world.  I think that the most phenomenal thing any human being can do is to give of themselves to others for no other reason than a LOVE of humanity.  So I hope you can understand that it comes from my heart and I hope you can get something from it, no matter who you are or your current situation.

Much love, Qt Ellis :)

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  1. so here is where the blogs began. one of my favourite songs is AC/DC 'highway to hell', used in tv show Supernatural. anyway enjoy ur first blog, will peruse rest till up to recent and yes i remember Michael J Fox character in Back to the Future - Marty McFly didn't like to be called chicken :)
    Much Love Caz xxx