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Sunday, December 4, 2011

je ne sais quoi

I've been continuing gently through my transformation.  Although it poses some difficulty in terms of vanity of physical beauty, I am at least honest in advising the reader that although I do feel a certain degree of the former, I possess a certain

je ne sais quoi

which ~ for the main part ~ I too remain unsure as to its power or reliability.  But I know for certain there is something, for there is a knowledge a woman has, perhaps at a young age or ~ like myself ~ at a MILF age, where whatever you said would be taken into consideration by the wider community and it was about time I formulated an opinion or two.  So I have set about cleansing myself of grudges ~ old and new, resentment about this or that, unrequited love ~ by thyself or some other fucker  ~ the fact that life has dealt one a "raw deal" of one sort or another, or ~ my favourite ~ "I'M TOO OLD FOR ANYONE TO GIVE A DAMN".  This one is a killer, for I know that there's a lot of conjecture on this issue.  Why, even LILY ALLEN suggests our lives are over by ... what was it ... 30?  

So I'm about to enlighten you you-tubers of a fact that you may or may not have formulated a conscious opinion.  The new generation and their "ubiquitous" internet has indeed consumed your every waking desire for information and you need not formulate any new ideas of your own and creativity will now be *NUL AND VOID.

 * This is not MY opinion ~ merely a "RE-PRINT" of people's #wtf attitude to internet associations (friendship, business or otherwise) of the Silent Generation.  

I am more open-minded.  Indeed, you have to think of The Internet as an Opportunity ~ a bit like land was in the 1940's.  The old money is the opportunist of yesterday living off the spoils of his labor.  We must not condemn those capable of flaunting such a skill as making money.  Our envy must not override our entrepreneurial adventurous spirit.  Everyone has a part to play in the acquisition of money and power.  If it is in the hands of the good, we need not concern ourselves with their "good business acumen".  Profiteering is much more admirable if spoils are ploughed back into the community.  If, however, there is evil in their guise, we must all appreciate that what is about to happen globally will require us all to be as sweet as apple pie from now on, and bite our resentful tongues forever more.

Worth considering though ~ wouldn't you say?  I mean, I realize there's just about as much space on the web as there is in space ... but who knows what kind of world we'll be living in within 100 years? Maybe we'll all communicate via blogs like this and our vocal chords will shrivel up due to an over-abundance of verbal diarrhoea that has come out of them over a period of time?

So here's to the future, and may your blog be the most visited by the year 2050 ... xxx 

QT Ellis :)



  1. I want to come to Australia! :-) Wonderful blog beautiful ---> keep it going! Subscribed now :-)


  2. my answer is ... you are NOT TOO OLD and I GIVE A DAMM. love u now and forever Caz <3 x