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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Neo & Inevitability

INEVITABILITY ~ The word slips off the tongue effortlessly doesn't it?  Almost as if to emulate the meaning itself, so easy to say and ~ in time ~ it will occur, effortlessly ~ whether we like it or not.  Sooner or later some form of inevitability will happen in your life.  Just as coincidental occurrences seem ever-increasing the older in years you turn, so too does the inevitability of life ~ the circumstances ~ the conflicts of interest ~ the need for money ~ the daily grind.  The inevitability of say, for example, a cross word in a pub at midnight (a fight) may be all too easy to predict, however the inevitability of ~ for argument's sake ~ shouting "YOU F**KING B**STARD" out of the window of your vehicle while driving ~ may not be as obvious to you at the time.  A flush of anger at someone who ~ according to YOU ~ had DELIBERATELY cut you off and you treat it as a PERSONAL AFFRONT ~ consequently they get a mouthful of obscenities ~ probably having bloody absolutely NO IDEA what you're shouting at them for ~ completely oblivious of their crime.  You can see now ~ as I write it ~ how ridiculous it is to get mad with people in cars.  Save your blood pressure and forget it.  Some people are LEARNING to drive ~ they may not be as PERFECT a driver as YOU ~ so give them a break.  Like we do in REAL LIFE remember?

Anyway I digress ~ I didn't mean to give you a driving lesson really =-D.  I'm trying to tell you what I know of inevitability.  It is a word that strikes terror into my heart.  I don't like INEVITABILITY, MY DEAR NEO.  That movie was ~ BTW ~ completely unnerving and I often find my mind referring to it on many different levels.  Sometimes I wake up in the night ~ drenched in sweat ~ and clutch at my head searching for nodules.  I don't find any ~ thank goodness ~ sadly Keanu Reeves isn't there either ;).

The other thing about this nasty, effortless word is that often we put up with it when we don't have to.  By simply RAISING THE AWARENESS of inevitability ~ as I am doing now ~ can WARN people of the dangers of trusting it.  It may seem safe because ~ in a way ~ it's like the EASY way out.  You know, "That's Gonna Happen Anyway, Whether I Do Anything About It Or Not.  So Who Gives?"  It's this way of thinking that produces lethargy and stops us wondering what COULD BE for our future.  OK so we've come a long way as a race ~ ACTUALLY ~ IT'S FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE ISN'T IT! =-D.  But let's not allow INEVITABILITY to trick us into complacency.  We have to power to make a difference in this world, for the better.  We don't have to do it in the eyes of any religion ~ We don't have to do it in the eyes of financial gain ~ We don't even have to do it in the eyes of the beholder!  We can do it *DRUMROLL* for EACH OTHER.  Yes, that's right.  No I'm not losing my marbles ~ I'm merely trying to say that ~ if we spread excitement of what COULD BE, it inspires us to think differently ~ OUT OF THE BOX (and into mine preferably! =-D).

I've noticed there is a lot of GLOOM and DOOM in the world at the moment.  It is as though we're waiting to see what's gonna happen with all the STRESS of the economy and the huge upheaval of our way of life that we are gonna have to endure due to CLIMATE CHANGE.  It's real, and we gotta do something ~ as much as it grieves us.  WE CAN'T JUST LET THE WORLD DIE AND SAY ~ OH WELL, WE HAD FUN WHILE IT LASTED.  WHO GIVES? .... I N E V I T A B I L I T Y.

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  1. see in this blog u started to put in ur double entendrees or little remarks that i find make me love u more and smirk a little with.
    I wonder if because of internet was it INEVITABLE that I'd find you and fall for you ...
    live long and prosper ;)