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Sunday, April 1, 2012


I think that's the hardest thing for any one person to fathom on this Earth.  Many aspects of life on this planet are in the LAP OF THE GODS. But there are many that are not and burdens can be avoided if you follow a very strict path and stick to it.  Mostly we don't want to be like that ~ we just want to have fun and take life as it comes, which is a great idea, until everything starts to go wrong.

So here is a very short list of things to be avoided at all costs, should you wish to live a happy and hassle-free existence.  They are:-

1. Don't spawn.  If you don't look at any of the others on this list I truly recommend you follow my advice on this one. It is the most stressful event you could ever go through and is on-going throughout the rest of your natural life, unless they die before you of course ~ which wouldn't be very nice either. And if you're a lady reading this you needn't feel guilty about not having a family any longer ~ there are WAY more than enough mouths to feed in the world. And if you're really good with children and desire to be with them, become a Teacher ~ WE REALLY NEED GOOD ONES. This is advice you'll never get from your parents BTW, as it seems to me from my experience that they can't wait for you to have some of your own so they can sit back and laugh at the way they make you crazy, just like YOU did to THEM.

2. Become a monk/nun. This step is perhaps a little overwhelming for those virgins that are reading this. I know you badly want to lose it (your virginity) so the chances of you becoming either a monk or a nun are slim to say the least. But what you CAN do is understand that it doesn't get any EASIER to have GOOD SEX once you're an adult or married or anything like that. Sexual desire and lack of availability will be a continuous problem all your life, whether you're in or out of a relationship. Don't live your life for those fleeting moments of passion ~ live your life for the ongoing moments of happiness and pleasure that you get with sharing your life and feelings with others. I'm not talking about taking your clothes off now ... this of course should be done in private ~ I think 1 ON 1. Fornicating has its place in our society should you wish to travel down that path but I'd suggest trying to avoid those areas of the mind that spark an inner-feeling of the TRIBAL. We have lived in Tribes before and apparently we've decided civilization is better. Threesomes are currently trendy but I think it cheapens what sex is. Of course you can feel that you'd like to have SEX with a great many people that you see, but it doesn't mean that you're going to GET IT. I think if someone's prepared to give it up for you then you'd be pretty darn stupid not to reciprocate! What you say? But let's assume there's no one out there GIVING IT TO YOU right now. I would be inclined not to go looking for trouble and instead buy yourself a top of the range vibrator and lubricant, Cap-fantastic vintage BIG-MAMA, A Sexy Book and go to bed with all of them simultaneously And if your desire is not satiated after that perhaps a visit to the "oldest profession in the world" sorts of places aren't so far bad when you consider their honesty in what just went down, which was an ARRANGEMENT for sex ~ done and dusted. Because love reserved for that SPECIAL one person invariably doesn't work because what we worship in them is also what we can't stand about them.

3. Don't become really wealthy. Although you probably think I'm nuts, and I do too because I've never been rich and I wouldn't mind trying it for a little while, but looking at it from a wider perspective it probably creates more problems than it solves, when you consider the tax implications and the relatives that would swarm on you not to mention the HANGERS-ON that would pretend to be your friend but are waiting for a hand-out. Better to be of average means, and work less. HEY enjoy the view because you know these days ~ with the ubiquitous INTERNET on our side ~ there are so many beautiful sights to see. And if you are blind and somehow reading this (which how could that possibly be true? But many things have now happened to me which I wouldn't have thought of being able to happen) I feel your pain daily at the indescribable beauty that exists in the world and your inability to see a picture of it in your mind's eye like the rest of us. But maybe we have something to learn from you that you haven't told us? Some secret mystery that keeps us all thinking, "What gives them the most pleasure in their dark world, and how easy is it to feel cut off and alone ~ any more so for example ~ than the seeing world?" What can we do that would help you in your world, anymore more than we already do I mean? Are there things you'd like to express but can't? Because if that's true, indeed if that's true for ANY of you, then I know your pain. I hear your crying. I feel your total insecurity about living alone forever & forever & forever. Life stretches on in front of us ~ sometimes like a never-ending path of heartache & sorrow. I'm not sure how I got this far down the road on the simple premise of not becoming too wealthy. All I can say readers is that the wealthy are crazed and power driven human beings with a desire to buy the world and have us walk to the beat of THEIR DRUM & THEIR DRUM only. Let us ensure that MONEY doesn't enslave us all. Be free to make decisions based on other important factors and not just MONEY ALONE.

4. When your parents start to get old, leave the country. You can't be blamed for not caring for them in their old age if you live abroad now can you? The truth is you don't owe them anything except your respect whilst you're living under their roof. After that, I don't believe that it should be a burden of the offspring to care for their invalid parents. Kind of defeats the joy of being older and wiser don't you think? What is more, your birthright is not contractual. You think, therefore you are! Don't be afraid of the implications of your actions. If you have a good and kind heart your actions will always reflect what is right there inside of you :)>

I think that about wraps it up :). Of course there are other strategies that you consider too if you really want to cut loose and not have a care in the world. No one would basically give a fuck if you were there or not. But I've realised after a small stint at self-analysis that it is everyone's intention to make a positive difference in the world but when things start to fall short of the mark in their own lives they forget their basic intent which is what we are all born with. Some people who have turned sour like to make all of us feel sour. Don't let these kind of people stop your heart from souring high above the clouds and feeling really very free and happy, just to be with yourself and your clean conscience. It's a long long long long long time in HELL IN A MIND FULL OF HATRED AND GREED.


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