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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


What the hell was I thinking? What the hell kinda arsewipe title is that for a blog?? Oh yeah, I remember now. I was trying to give you an idea of how I want you to view the world. It's kinda like when you're given a math equation to do in class. You've done it before and got it correct. You understand the method that needs to be applied in order to get the desired result. This particular equation, however, is HARD. It has massive numbers (like 6 or more ok? ~ Stay with me here it's a fuckin long time since I've been at school) and decimal points as well (we don't give a fuck about those in Accounting, by the way. If there's anything after the units position it can go fuck itself X-D). You are slightly thrown ~ could the same method be applied to quantities of this magnitude? And the answer is ----> YES IT CAN, SCIENTIFICALLY & PRACTICALLY TESTED BY ---> MOI! =-D. Oh fuck here we go, I'm not a SCIENTIST right? I CAN SEE YOU SHAKING YOUR HEAD. Not convinced? OK, I'll give you another example, as follows. Better give you a paragraph break or your eyes will start going wonky and you'll lose your place.

The task ahead is to tidy your room. Of course there is shit everywhere (if you're anything like me anyway) so first you have to categorize the mess ie. clothes item, food wrapper, unopened tampon flung at mirror in disgust, another clothes item ~ soiled etc. Once you've put everything into nice neat little piles you have some idea whether it's recyclable. Food wrappers obviously not, unopened tampon~definitely good for another shove, soiled knickers in the washer etc. Finally you're left with a bunch of clothes now neatly hung on their respective hangers, ready for insertion into the wardrobe. DILEMMA TIME: There is now no longer any more room in the wardrobe. You went through it last Summer and threw away everything that you thought was dispensable. Somehow these extra clothes that you purchased THIS YEAR will have to fit in this tiny space. Luckily (FOR ME ANYWAY) my clothes are fairly skimpy and I don't wear much ~ especially in Summer when it's so fuckin hot it'd melt the ganglion off your roof tile if you were such a ponce as to have one. So I was able to strategically place them on the bed and then sit on the pile (of clothes ~ not MY pile. I don't have piles) until it had squashed sufficiently down to size. Then I simply opened the door and chucked it in. SUCCESS =-D.

So what is the fucking point? Well the point is, SPACE IS FINITE. Unlike the UBIQUITOUS Internet ~ which will be here for an eternity ~ floating words in a lost digital world of vastness and emptiness, ready to be corrupted by human beings with all their beauty and pain. If you produce and consume and lot of consumables all the time, as we do, there is a by-product. There's that fucking scientist looming her head again. I wish she'd go chew on a wasp. So we all know the by-products are the problem that somehow STRANGELY ENOUGH, we're only just starting to think about. Rubbish has to go SOMEWHERE. We can squash it down and shove it down into the ground but it still will take up that tiny teensy weensy piece of space. Now multiply the amount of empty packaging that you get through in one day by the amount of people in the world and I guess you might have some concept of the type of by-products we're talkin here. And let me tell you if they think they're gonna shove it in MY wardrobe they've got another fucking thing coming.

Sadly, as George Michael is known to have sung ~ "WHAT WAS OVER THERE IS OVER HERE" Because NOW we understand that our most urgent issues regarding our attention is HOW NOT TO DESTROY THE BEAUTY OF THE WORLD SO OUR CHILDREN AND BE FREE TO LOVE AND LIVE. Even more shockingly, if the carbon dioxide levels in the air were to rise as a result of "CIVILIZATION" removing all the flora and fauna to construct cities. PAVE PARADISE ~ PUT UP A PARKING LOT. Remember that ditty? Well there's some truth in it I think. No one REALLY knows how long we've got to LIVE OFF THE LAND. There could come a time when parts of the world die or shift, as land masses have done in the past plus there's going to be more and more people wanting to to have a higher standard of living. In what way do we think this is going to be ACHIEVABLE? Maybe if we just shut our eyes it will all go away? :(. Trust me ~ I'd like to. But I don't want to disappoint my ancestors ~ after all their hard work and determination ~ to simply turn my back on the Earth? We shouldn't deny what should be discussed and hopefully somehow we will pull together in a way like never before in order that future generations of people on this planet will thrive.

I think this is why THE INTERNET is here. The cynical among us (yes that's me too sometimes) may say it's merely another vehicle for advertising and taking people's money. I don't believe music and video artists are that chuffed ~ after all it has taken a lot of money out of the coffers of the entertainment industry thanks to video piracy. But on the whole I think it's a wonderful tool for the masses. Our children, as a result, are very sophisticated at a young age. They are also so much more confident and are in many respects more ready to take on the challenges of their lives than my generation ever were. I think we should pat ourselves on the back ~ I am impressed by today's youth. Far often I see unthinking people posting comments like NOBODY MAKES THEM LIKE THIS ANYMORE sort of attitude and I really don't think it is helpful for them to always feel that the best is over. Don't forget their ideas will change the world forever, just as ours have. I also think co-education is important as it reflects REAL LIFE. Women and men need to learn how to deal with problems TOGETHER ~ not just get together for a screw now and then. I'm mean they can do that too if they want. I'd like to see the NEW YOUTH OF TODAY embrace all the technology that they've enjoyed and use it to some greater vision. A world where we can understand each other like we never have before and the love that binds us together will be the love for the Blue Planet and its destiny.


  1. Somewhere between the arsewhipe and the skimpy clothes, there is a great point being made here.

    1. Hi! My first contact on Blogger. Excitement eh? =-D. Thanks for the interaction my friend :).