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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 *** If you don't wish to know the plot of the film NEVER LET ME GO with Keira Knightley in it then please don't read that part.

Fancy title?  I MAY come back and edit that, but then again, I might not.  I mean, who really gives?  You?  I'm sure you don't.  No don't bother to try because I simply KNOW that you don't.

So please continue with this BASIC assumption in mind that the human mind of the individual very much revolves around the human mind of the individual.  That sounds funny doesn't it?  Really what you have to do is pretend (LIKE REALLY HARD) that you have arrived upon the final moments of your life.  You must convince yourself of your imminent demise.  It's actually NOT that difficult to reach this premise when you think about it.  I'll give you a point by point run down of the ways in which I can quickly get there:-

1) Sit comfortably and cast your mind back over the last 20 years.  If you haven't lived that long yet, no matter, simply cast your mind back to as far as you can remember.

2) Was there a moment when ... suddenly ... you realised something that the naiveity of youth spares you from all knowledge or understanding of.  Like this dark cloud of a moment with the shrouds of innocence are ~ by some unknown catalyst ~ pulled brusquely away and there is the plain and simple truth of what we are, what we've done, who we've evolved into, and maybe if you're REALLY SMART ~ you might start to understand what we may become.

3) And it dawns on you.  You are nothing special.  You are nothing creative, poetic, vulnerable, beautiful, sensitive, unique, pretty, passionate, clever, sexy ... at all.  You're not even ugly.  You're just ... human. A roll of the dice somehow came out in your favor (OR NOT) and here you are.  You've been born, you've learned how to verbally and linguistically communicate with each other, hopefully you've learned that manners are important during effective communication of information.   You've learned that although your IQ can be quite high there's no direct correlation to this and happiness (Or a low IQ, for that matter, or anything in-between).  You've learned that although you can be really strong and appear powerful this does not directly correlate to your ability to FIGHT, more potent is your ability to show civil self-restraint when we all know the damage to another human being you would be capable of inflicting.  And we all know, of course, that there are many many many genetic mistakes.  Such heartbreaking, soul-destroying and dream breaking mistakes.  And there are terrible accidents, and sickness, and disease, and poverty.  And the weather can kill you with one sweep of the ocean's high tide and swallow you up in a second.  And we kill each other a lot too.  Sometimes for fun, mainly for money and power.  We try to make the best of it.  But sorry, that's the way it is.  Do you REMEMBER that?

4) I remembered it when I watched a movie recently.  It was called NEVER LET ME GO and it had Keira Knightley in it.  I didn't read the blurb on the back and as it had Keira in it I assumed it might be some kind of erotic thriller, but it was something quite quite OPPOSITE to that.  ***It was about a parallel universe where the powers that be had decided to genetically produce a good quality stock of humans whose soul purpose was for the harvesting of their organs in order to heal the sick people of the world.  They are raised in a HOSTEL and have very little contact with the outside world.  They are told that they are VERY VERY SPECIAL CHILDREN.  In fact, the most special on Earth because they don't have any parents and all their lives they will be looked after until it's time to start their soul purpose in life (which happens when they reach adulthood).  To our horror, the audience discovers that this entails going through a series of operations whereby ~ piece by piece ~ their precious organs are removed.  Some of the "stock" may last 3, some 2, some only 1 harvesting of any particular body part.  In any case, when they die, it is called, REACHING COMPLETION.  When they have REACHED COMPLETION, their work would have been done and their SOUL PURPOSE in life will be for the greater glory of man(kind).

5) So you see if you can put yourself in the place of one of those kids in the movie ~ who had been told RIGHT FROM THE VERY START of their life what was going to happen to them BUT IN A VERY MAGICAL WAY, as though it was going to be something exciting and fulfilling for them. And all of a sudden ~ in such a horrid and creepy way ~ it reminded me of my own childhood existence. The way that I believed anything the adults said ~ and if they had all told me COMPLETION was going to be something wonderful I would have intrinsically BELIEVED it ~ RIGHT DOWN TO THE VERY FIBERS OF MY EXISTENCE!!! When in fact, they would have been POIGNANTLY DESCRIBING my own MURDER!!

And there in that moment that I'm thinking about this movie and the sheer horror of it and the close proximity to our own childhoods where we are HOODWINKED by magic and superstition for SO LONG that we are actually BRAINWASHED into thinking something good could ever COME of this complete TRAVESTY we call THE HUMAN RACE!!! And there you are I have very quickly and easily reached the mental space where someone could quite easily kill me and I wouldn't give two shits about it. Well actually I wouldn't give ANY shits about it at all. Because I would be dead. As a doornail. However dead that is. Pretty dead I guess.

From this point onwards, you have purged yourself of the desire to live. It is quite a liberating experience not to want ANY PART of it whatsoever. Just to bough out ... and to know that what I've witnessed in my lifetime makes me ashamed to be human. But not ashamed to say it. Because that is what I am.

When you reach this point you are beyond suicide because the act of suicide is quite shocking and attention seeking in its nature. I don't wish to be dramatic. I just make the simple fact and judgement that I'd rather not be here. But I can't do anything about it now. So I have to make the best of a bad lot. Which brings me back to the original premise which was that the human mind of the individual very much revolves around the human mind of the individual. You'll now understand why I much prefer my own company to any of you, because you're always thinking about your DAMN SELF all the time.

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  1. yes we do think only of ourselves, at this moment though im thinking of how i ran into back of somebody else's car. no real damage to cars but there was boy and girl in other car, little girl in shock, taken to hospital to be checked out so am not thinking bout myself now but how easy it is for us to hurt others even when we don't mean to