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Wednesday, May 16, 2012



The success of my previous blog containing the interview with QT has proven to me that this should be my chosen path of destiny. All other considered paths are now quashed. My drive has come from a place within me I have not been acquainted with until some brief time, and I am unsure as to its ingenuity or indeed reliability. However I can tell you that my good heart has not faltered. Indeed it has gone through many adaptations and variations upon its theme and a lot of soul searching has been conducted on its behalf over long periods of time. On the most part, if you didn't want to wade through any other shit that I have to say, I'd say basically, that whatever pain you endure makes you a stronger person, and if you are able to conquer whatever fears are~by fate~laid before you, I suggest you embrace them as much as possible and endure the wrath of the consequences. If you weren't smart enough to avoid them in the first place, then you have to be STRONG enough to see them through to their resolution despite whatever trials you may see coming your way. In other words "If you don't like the heat you should get the fuck out of the kitchen" and I'm sure many people do not heed this advice before embarking upon any important venture. So, rule number one for me is to be honest and upfront with shit. If they don't like you, find someone that does. There will be someone. Don't be too cocky because no one likes a smart ass.

There are some of us, however, who cannot avoid minority issues, because we are part of that minority, for whatever reason. Albeit some of these people seem to have a burning desire to appear different. I'd say after the life I've led that this is a fairly narrow minded perspective and indeed most of us still judge books by their covers, even if we tell ourselves that other people's lives are three dimensional and are always much more than meets the eye ~ we can be assured that our instincts are telling us a much more sinister tale about what our mind initially perceives. Tellingly the first time we ever meet someone, and more poignantly what they are doing, is the most crucial judgement we'll ever make about someone. I'm not sure why this phenomenon occurs ~ only that the human race being as fickle as it is tends to ebb and flow with attention so the very FIRST time someone sees you will have the greatest impact on them imaginable. They may even argue the contrary, but I would be surprised if it was any other way.

So, with this in mind (ie. that the FIRST time someone sees you will be your biggest chance to have an effect on them) it is best to give it your fullest and immediate attention. IF you think their love and affection is WORTH it, that is. If you don't, well then, I'd suggest you go fuck yourself with the nearest piece of apparatus that comes to hand, which is usually a kitchen utensils or food.

So, assuming you've got this far and this SIGNIFICANT OTHER is worth the effort, I'll bore you with a few details:-

1) Don't be too cocky in putting forward your video offering. After all, it's only you saying hi or whatever. Don't make it like it's a big deal.

2) Always be on their wavelength, and wait for a cool moment to impress her/him with what looks like an impromptu response.

3) When you make your video, always get the assistance of friends and cool people so that you don't look like a prick.

4) Before posting, ask your biggest critic whether it's ok. If they say it's completely shit then you'll know it's still ok to post.

5) If your mother laughs hysterically this could be an indication of its non-success.

I strongly believe that if you see someone doing something cool for the first time it doesn't matter how ridiculous you look after that ~ everyone knew what you were capable of at SOME POINT. So post something on you-tube of you doing the COOLEST THING that YOU CAN DO and then casually share it amongst your friends. Like I said before not in a bragging way. I guarantee you people will admire your strength of character for even wanting an opinion. Above all though, don't be surprised if talentless people are suddenly full of all sorts of ways that could improve your performance. Once you put yourself out there, you are public property and let me tell you the public are your strongest allies and your worst critics so make sure your aim is always to please them. If they don't like your ART on a MASS LEVEL then perhaps you should re-think what you are trying to say in your art. :)


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