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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hey.  I've heard some people thinking that I could be some sort of a shrink.  I have to state clearly for the record that I have no degree in psychology whatsoever and all my meanderings of thought are merely observations of humanity in general and not based on any one person.  However if I write about me, then of course I'm referring to me there. 

I am an observer.  I guess that is really how I'd sum myself up.  I didn't feel that observation amounted to anything much at all when I was younger.  After all anyone can just sit and watch, it's not a big deal.  But now that I'm older it is the one consolation that an observer will always possess.  Their interest in humanity from an outside perspective.  Kinda like an Alien from outer space, having taken on the appearance of a female human (with rather large hooters), sitting in my somewhat modest abode, relaying to the readers of my blog what my perceptions and understanding of humanity is.  You may be surprised to learn what the alien had to say about the human race?  Or maybe you couldn't give a shit.  Or maybe you just think that I'm insane.  Any three of these attitudes that you may have towards my teachings are immaterial to me.  You may even despise me.  I no longer care about YOUR feelings as much as I do MINE.  This empowers me to reach far into the depths of my own mind without the need for any of the emotions that humans so love to dwell and wallow.  There is only one emotion that we need harness and cultivate to any great degree.  However it is easily 'performed' and worn as a veneer by many, so it is most important that you feel it intrinsically inside your soul otherwise your veneer will slip until eventually it will erode enough for people closest to you to see your true self.  To feel it deep within you, you must first practice to art of humility.  I am talking about EMPATHY.

You can quite easily practice the art of BEING HUMBLE.  You've heard the expression TO EAT HUMBLE PIE ~ As though it is the most terrible pie that ever existed full of offal and dead worms and rat poo.  But you have to eat it.  All that offal and dead worms and rat poo you must eat.  The stupid idiots that stand and laugh while you consume the pie will only look foolish when they too have to have THEIR SLICE.  It is the thing that makes us truly cool, I think.  When you read about someone that is truly magnificent in their endeavors and the wonder of their power that they've used for the good of humanity, and to come to understand they are just as humble as me, although they could demand respect and I would gladly give it.  This is one of the wonders of mankind.  To know that there are very humble people capable of doing a great many wonderful things is of great comfort to me.  One wonders why these sorts of people are not chosen for leadership.  Perhaps they are too humble to come forward?  We need to seek out these types of people, who take responsibility as a huge burden and where it emblazoned across their chest like a badge until their job is complete.  Which, of course, it never would be.  Not while humanity exists.  We will always need leaders.

When you have reached this level of consciousness ~ where you have come to understand the levity of the task at hand and the responsibility that you acquire when you first decide to take the helm ~ you are in a position to start to feel the PAIN of humanity.  The FLIPSIDE.   The YING of the YANG.  The UP of the DOWN.  The NO of the YES.

And after you have trained yourself to approach life in this fashion, you will see that every day is kinda special.  I don't have to face the ENORMITY of these decisions and no one is gonna point the finger at me if things go pear shaped.  I'm just a Legal Alien (in Australia).  "Don't Drink Coffee I Drink Red Bull My Dear ~ Like My Noble Rise On 1 Side ~ You Can Hear My Ozzie Accent When I Talk ~ I'm Aust-ral-ian in West Oz." 

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  1. Your words are soo deep, I think that , I would like you to explain who you are, I think I know your story but would like you to confirm