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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

99+ OR 100? - WHICH IS BETTER?

I love it when I log in and out of things and the amount of notifications I've had go spinning madly around.  Reminds me of that game they play in Casinos where the numbers are either red or black.  BASICALLY YOU TAKE POT LUCK I think!   Really crazy thing to waste your money upon however if it's what does it for you than who am I to JUDGE you??  The Google number exhibits red background with white numbers, if that's of any use.

Anyway, so I'm thinking to myself, whilst I'm creating this wonderful and mind boggling post for you to read, which do I prefer to see in my notifications BOX ... 99+ OR 100?   I get both symbols on different days, and I wonder what triggers the computer to sometimes calculate my notifications at 100 and others at 99+?

And then a little light went on in my mind, a bit like Einstein must have had (only on a larger scale I guess).  If it's 99+ then it's lots and lots more.  However if it is 100, then it's plain 100!  *However*  what prompts the computer to sometimes say 100 and others say 99+ ?? I know I'm repeating the fucking question.  First sign of madness, it's true, however you must see that it's a very interesting thing that perhaps only a programmer of computers could answer and sadly I couldn't give a rat's ass about that because it's all too difficult and my beautiful mind would blow up with information and then I'd fail in my purpose.


I think it is my duty, as an older human, to keep the idea of a PURPOSE alive.  Without one of these, you will burn and die mentally.  You see I'm not mincing words today.  That's a good thing.  I've heard that business people get approximately 100 emails daily so I'm thinking that the people I'm trying to reach will probably be extremely fucked off with wading through so much information and words at this stage that they'd REALLY LIKE ME TO GET TO THE POINT.

So my point is that you must have a PURPOSE.   It can be a very little idea, however, if you have a purposeful notion, somehow people gather around you and support you.  If you are completely aimless, it's difficult for people to help you because they don't know what you want. 


As wonderful as parents and educators are, WE ARE NOT MIND READERS!  We do not really know what you want or what you are capable of.  We require input from you in order to help you.  We'd prefer that you screamed and shouted and said whatever was on your mind rather than just IGNORE US.  Because then you render us HELPLESS TO HELP YOU.

So, tell me, if I wanted to help people and make life better for them and be loved by lots of people, where would I first turn?  I know of no other place for me and my circumstances than ... THE INTERNET :).

And that's where YOU COME IN ......

*Please Come In OK?* :)

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  1. Interesting post. Please feel free to visit my Portfolio gallery. I think you would like what Vancouver Island on the West coast of Canada has to offer.

    P.S. You have a wonderful sense of presence and style.

    Malcolm S.