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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why Do Fools Fall In Love?

Diana Ross kept posing this question once, and I doubt she ever got a proper answer.  Well she probably didn't want an answer because it was a song, but considering I get all WORTHY information from the prose within songs it's worth analyzing for a moment or two.

You could construe the title to be someone pondering: a) A personal relationship, b) Family relationships, or c) Your excitement and adoration for the mere state of existence and your desire to become involved and help your fellow man.

Could be any of these things really.  However instead of feeling HAPPY about your LOVE, you feel sad about your LOVE.  So you reflect upon it (ie. WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE) with a kind of melancholy heart, wondering why the fuck you could care less about most people because really and truly I'm not sure whether you're worthy of any special attention from me.  Yes, you feel love, but WHY????

If you're anything like me LOVE is a hit and miss affair.  Sometimes you can feel it in your guts, like when I play with my daughter's feet or tickle/kiss her, I get goose bumps.  That must be a direct FEELING in association with loving someone.  Other times however I could throttle her, the FLIPSIDE of love.

So to sum up my observations for today's post, I'd like to encourage you in the idea that without LOVE there can be no HATE, and without HATE there can be no LOVE.  It is simply not POSSIBLE for a human being to demonstrate LOVE constantly.  For one thing, it's too fucking difficult to stick at.  But somehow, when we vehemently feel DISTASTE for someone, it is possible that this DISTASTE can be turned into LOVE.  WHY????

Simple.  It's the PASSION factor.  If you're a passionate person with opinions and love/hate with equal enthusiasm, you're the type of person the WORLD loves back.

However, if you're the type of person that couldn't care less and you're really not sure if you can be bothered living the life you've got, you need to find a PURPOSE.  Without PURPOSE, you will be lead in the wrong direction and you will falter.

How do I know all this?  It's because I was once a person that gave up on myself and world.  I was once a person that decided to no longer create any illumination for others to see because humanity simply wasn't worth it.  Through my desire to heal both on a personal and inter-personal level, I have discovered that what I was missing could be summed up in one little word: LOVE.

You need to love others MORE THAN YOURSELF to turn the key.  Once you can REALLY DO THIS (you have to pretend at first) you will become hot property because you have a genuine interest in the plight of others and your leadership will ensure the younger generation will prosper into the future.

BUT ... sometimes you think you're a FOOL ~ because in a way, you've FOOLED yourself into it :) 

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  1. I know this fool loves you. Very good Caz, only wish I'd been around to convince you that you were loved and cared for do that you would not have felt unloved and given up on the world. Glad that you are in better place nowadays xxx