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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Yes it's a line from U2.  My daughter cannot sing and will never sing.  Instinctively somehow she knows this fact.  I see it in her eyes when I sing to her that she adores it and she knows she could not execute it, even in her wildest dreams.  She loves soft singing ... in fact she's the only one that doesn't tell me to shut the fuck up ~ in the nicest possible way of course.

Glenn, whilst happy to present my dancing is especially reserved about the singing aspect.  To me they are intrinsically united.  It's a bit like a musician.  Take a humble musician, for example, without anybody else around to express how that music is making them feel? What kind of a world would that be?  I mean if we all just stood around listening to music like planks of wood?  NO!  It stirs something very deep within us that we cannot control, however the manipulation of music by HUMANS will lead us to feel and believe things that are hardly connected to reality.  SUCH IS THE POWER OF MUSIC ...

So I tell you that muso's love dancers.  They watch the dancer in the throws of their choreography and feel delight at the sheer idea that they have created this effect in another human and the power that it gives them to reach out beyond mere words.

Music is not just an enjoyable pastime.  As much as it is this to me VERY VERY MUCH.  It is also my teacher, my shoulder to cry on, my mate in really tough times, and lifts my spirits to really massive heights when I happy!   SO THAT'S MY MUSIC.

Can I sing?  Well I believe I have some dulcet powers yes.  As to their stamina that has yet to be challenged however I'm ready, willing and able at anytime.  I have kept myself relatively healthy and have waited for when someone might help me.  And now I must dance and sing for everyone.  And you may scorn and scoff at the idea that I'm second rate ... and you may be right ... but it's free and it's on You Tube.  WHAT THE FUCK MORE CAN I SAY? 

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  1. music is and always has been the only constant in my life, now the only other constant is you Caz. I hope that you continue with your singing and dancing, cant comment on your singing but love you and your dancing. I'm so happy i found you one day and consider you as more than friend, i truly care about you and wish you all success x.
    Hope that can meet you someday, somehow, and your family too.