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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What are we?

Physically yes, I know what we are.  We're a bunch of live cells that require energy from food to survive.  And we all piss and shit it out when we're done with it.

Humanity is CURRENTLY the highest level of living creature on Earth because we are conscious of who we are and what we're doing.  HANG ON A SECOND!  What did I just say?  "We Are Conscious Of Who We Are And What We're Doing" 

Did you know that when you are born your mind is very flexible and you can teach a brain to function quite involuntarily in very specific ways at this stage in your life.  The building blocks of your attitudes towards a lot of concepts and how you view the world in general will be conceived at this time in your precious existence.  You will be influenced greatly by those in your inner circle, generally M&D, but could be anyone that brings you up.  Their ideas and attitudes will be the ones you adhere to the most because they have ~ by example ~ taught you the way to live, whether right or wrong.  Their religious beliefs will also make a huge impact on you, whether you end up believing in GOD or not, the initial teachings of Him and how you perceived this figure will play a huge role in your inner consciousness as well.  Our inner world governs what we do in our outer world, so it makes sense to try and understand how you tick, so that you can get the most out of yourself.  Start young enough and you'll no longer have any doubts as to your actions in whatever situation you find yourself.

You are the most important thing in your life.  Not because you love yourself or have tickets on yourself, no.  It's because you must find something to like about yourself.  It is your DUTY.  This is your life's PURPOSE.  You might be thinking, but I've already done that and I already like myself.  For those of you who feel this way you are on the path to righteousness and have mastered the key element of success.   There are those of us walking around that fool themselves into self love.  But when their guard is down and no one's around they secretly despise themselves for whatever reasons they don't live up to their own expectations.  Sometimes the person has fooled themselves into self love for the sake of appearances to such an extent that they really DO think they love themselves spiritually, when in fact they really don't.

It is important to understand at this juncture that your actions on Earth are governed by your thoughts ~ your INNER WORLD.  It is a very complex place and has learned to adapt and cope with many situations throughout your lifetime.  However the most conditioning will have been done ~ experts say ~ by the age of six years.  By this time you have formulated a very fundamental means of survival and have discovered that you are capable of manipulating your own environment to whatever limited extent.

Those of us who encounter really BAD SHIT will have a photocopy of this stuff planted in their heads, no matter how much "better" their life became afterwards.  We have discovered through Science that conditioning at infancy is the very LIFE BLOOD of humanity.  Whatever the teachings are that are supplied to you is what you will intrinsically believe deep within your soul and it is extremely difficult as an adult to extricate yourself from these ideas.


You can cure yourself.  But to cure yourself you must understand that you are sick.  Probably you think a sick thought everyday, so the process of absolution from these thoughts comes from a) recognizing that you have them and b) trying to do something about it.  The second step CANNOT occur without the former.

Anytime you feel resentment, jealousy, anger, righteous indignation or even perhaps hatred of somebody else, you are harboring a sick thought.  If you think about it you are actually being angry at yourself, because we are all one and the same (ie. The Human Race).  This is why the consequences of constantly feeling this way is to HATE yourself and your fellow man, sometimes right down to the core.

Trust me this ain't no good feelin.  This is why our outer world suffers from the malfunction of the human inner sanctity of the most important place any individual can be ...


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