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Sunday, February 24, 2013


Christopher Cross obviously feels some synchronicity with being on the Ocean, which I guess deep down most of us are stirred by the ocean, and I don't mean that in any funny way. 

The ocean will kill you unless it stays right where it is.  The moon ~ as Science tells us ~ governs the tides of the ocean, so if somehow the synchronicity of the Moon vs Ocean was somehow broken, we could end up with catastrophe.  Not that we haven't had our fair share of these, as human beings.  I'd say we've all had our share of crap thrown at us.  Some might say the more crap you've overcome is one of the key factors in determining your success.  Tenacity. Keeping at it, even when other people say, what they're doing is crap and they're wasting their time.  I mean to say who the fuck are they to cast their judgements down upon you and what you find fulfilling, just because they themselves have no talent or even worse, think that they are the only talented ones on the planet.

Don't be discouraged by the approx 10% of the population who love to argue.  Approx 9% of those will become lawyers and make a fortune on other people's misfortune, and the other 1% of that 10% will end up making arsehole comments about other people's important shit, knowing full well where to hit them where it hurts, because obviously they've studied you for a while and know your weaknesses.

These people feed off making other people's attempts at being free.  No one HAS TO BELIEVE IN GOD ... *Yet* ... No on HAS TO VOTE .. *Well As Long As They Pay The Fine*  And No One ASKED TO BE BORN *As Far As I Am Aware Anyway*  We are victims of CIRCUMSTANCE, of being born into a body with whatever capacity it possesses, tapped or untapped.  You are a prisoner of your own body, until you die, when the basic principles of survival no longer exist as you no longer have to sustain the body in order to survive. You now become the true spiritual being that you were practicing being on Earth.  The ones that succeeded on their path hood to spiritual enlightenment will be the spirits that support and guide you through your time on Earth.  And of course, those that surrender to the negative and degenerative thoughts of the scorned human will be caught in the act and banished from spirit life forever and cast into the pit of fire and doom.  The pain will only last 100 or so years.  After that you will have time to reflect and repent.  Should you not wish to choose the path of repentance you will repeat another 100 years of fire and pain.

After all this the spirit becomes hell bend upon revenge *as you would* and you fall to Earth as a human with a massive chip on your shoulder and an axe to grind.  So beware those individuals with the fake rat race smile with something to prove.  Coz they don't give a shit who they take down order to prove it.


  1. I understand what ur saying here and again am sorry that u get so much vitrol flung at u from people that dont even try to understand u or what ur going through. i only wish that i could free u from all this and help u in ur dreams, mainly in finding help for Sam but also in proving to u that u deserve to be loved and treated with respect just like anyone else. u r an amazing woman and i think in someway our souls are entwined, thats why i feel so much love for u and wish u nothing but happiness <3 xxx

  2. Wow Jimbo you get more and more poetic :). Thanks so much for all your encouragement over what has now turned into years ... boy I wish time didn't fly so much, it definitely ain't on my side :). *KissKiss* Love always, Qt ;)