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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


She threw the note into the waste paper basket where it belonged.  Fancy someone sending you a love note coated in their own semen?  She'd had worse though, like the time she opened one of her many parcels from admirers to find a massive spider inside.  It was dead luckily.  She wasn't sure whether she was meant to receive it with love or disgust?  I doubt that the sender cared, for she knew it was the sense of SHOCK that he was wanting.  He was somewhere smirking at the thought he'd made Linda Lovelace jump.  Ooh now she'll be ready to suck my cock, she's gonna get such a shock when I stick it down into her larynx and stop the oxygen from getting to her brain.  Take that bitch!  How do you like them apples?  Or in my case, bananas?

No matter, she remembered thinking.  It'll make good fodder for the fish.  "Come Tweedledee and Tweedledum!," she called as she neared the aquarium, and had tossed THE BLACK WIDOW into the water.  As she watched it being torn to pieces by the African Butterflies, the strangest sensation came over her. She felt faint and had to sit down for a moment, which was unlike Linda, because all her working life she'd fucked on her feet.  

All of a sudden that wave of nausea came back over her once again, as she visualised the carcass being devoured by her beloved Butterfly Fish ~ African no less ;)

She went over to the mirror and examined her face in the mirror.  No everything perfect as usual (she was a bit of an egotist, but what's about to happen to her will absolve her of this crime).  She slipped out of her silk Chanel nightie and let it fall onto the floor as two huge breasts bounced out.  She picks them up and looks at them scrupulously in the mirror, examining the nipples and caressing them as she goes.  She could feel something unusual underneath one of the orbs, so she lifts it up and there underneath is a tiny black mole.  Not so strange except she'd never had a mole there before.  Where had it come from?  She got the tweezers from her make-up case and gently prodded it with the tip.  Looked as though it might come out.  Using gentle pressure in a circular motion, the black mole starts to separate from the sweet soft skin of the underboob (as opposed to underbelly).  In a state of terror, Linda realises this is no ordinary mole, as she pulls it continues to come out like a black straw from under her breast.  More and more and more, keeps coming until it becomes clear it's a furry black spider's leg.

Horrified, she continues to pull the BLACK WIDOW through her skin until the entire spider was visible.  As well as this however she has pulled out the inside of her boob skin, causing pieces of blood and guts to spurt out onto the carpet.  As this point she was just about ready to have a nervous breakdown however out of the slit in her underboob burst out a million white eggs onto the bed over which she stood and began hatching, right before her very eyes.

Time to get the hell out of here, she thought.  Good girl Linda, at least you've got some fucking brains.  Grabbing a few things and stashing them in a night bag, she heads for the front door. But the spider that had originally come out of her had now grown to a sufficient size as to block her exit, plus it was moaning in a rather distasteful fashion and letting of a rather acrid smell.  She lay down on the lounge as she contemplated her fate ...

In all her working life as a hooker, she never thought she'd get eaten by a Spider .... but then again ...

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