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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Give Me Back The Living Hell.

I mean, why the fuck are we doing this?

I mean I enjoy the communication side of it.  A bit one sided I admit.  Storytellers are generally fairly one sided in their concept of transferral of information ie. It goes from ME to YOU :).  I generally assume that what you're going to tell me is of little or no interest to me because:-

a)  If it was interesting you wouldn't tell me
b)  It will be boring and I'll have to pretend I'm interested by generous nodding of the head.
c)  You probably won't stop bullshitting until it's time for me to leave

So I guess from THAT perspective the internet is a very good place indeed for me to convey the side of myself that NO ONE knows anything about in the real world.  Of course they're aware I'm a bit of a head case and that my daughter is a great big head case, but other than that they don't make it their business to see through the veneer of my exterior presence to reveal what treasures (or lack thereof) lie beneath the facade.

To be honest with you I do not believe anyone gives much of a shit.  Some people actually wear it on their t-shirts in this country.  True!  They walk around with a t-shirt displaying the sentence, "Ask somebody that gives a shit."  I think bloody hell what hope have we got if grown men are walking around with that attitude emblazoned upon their chests. Perhaps it is THOSE t-shirts that started the insidious infection that now represents how most people feel about the world beyond this Great Southern Land.  They could not give a shit.  Just don't bring it to our shores and fuck up our brilliant lives.  That's not me, you understand, it's them.

I can't say as I blame them, however, what with the way the world is going.  I think perhaps we grew too big too fast and it's going to come back around and bite us on the ass if we all don't slow down and try to come to grips with what the future might hold for our children in a world where information is at their fingertips and sophistication is a word you'll be able to accurately apply to five years old's in years to come.  I strongly believe that THIS IS A GOOD THING and that the world, albeit slowly, will learn to unite where they hadn't been unification before.  This is going to be the link between today's people and tomorrow's .... THIS THING I'M TYPING INTO :).

The reason why I believe this so strongly is because we can pour our hearts out into software.  We can type away to our heart's content and air many wounds, solve many of the worlds problems, rant and rave until the COWS COME HOME ... but really what use is all this hot air (or in my case finger tapping) if we can't have a response and a retort.  However given time I think you'll get the hang of it and it's inevitable that one day our mental bonds, as humans, will grow as we get the positive kickback of interaction via text.  I think too that the type of people that will ultimately dominate the world will be NERDS because everyone will be staring at some kind of computer screen to do just about every kind of job I can think of.  The new smart phones will know so much about you that it'll be like having your very own pal in your back pocket.  I mean who the hell will need friends any more?  Now this is MY KIND OF UNIVERSE.  No more fake bullshit alliances or boring people that you must tolerate if you are to continue to exist (ie. children).  Nup, none of that crap any more.  You can operate fully autonomously in an autonomous universe.  The only world that you'll need to have any interest in whatsoever will be your inner world of consciousness, for you will not require to be conscious of any other mental presence for there won't be one accept when you're communicating on your phone.  If we wish to procreate we simply contact and they will come and take your eggs (or sperm) away and mate them and bring you back a kid all ready for rearing by you.  OOO WON'T YOU BE A LUCKY DUCK THEN.

Yes, the new world will be like a world of technology moving as smoothly as CLOCKWORK.  Any spanners in the works will not be tolerated and they will be removed from the production line.  Your destiny will be known from a young age that you will one day have to take your place on the production line just like everybody else.  And the day someone drops dead and falls off the conveyor belt it will be filled with a younger model such as your good self :).

You know what?  I don't think I want this world with everything running smoothly and like clockwork and everyone doing exactly the right thing all the time.


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