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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


There's nothing wrong with thinking you're beautiful in the SOUL.  Actually by thinking it, you are in reality conjuring a sense of it, so much so that it can alter your entire Modus Operandi.  It matters not that the guy down the street thinks you're an asshole because your tree makes a mess on the road or the guy at work that you continually fight for the one parking bay that's left when you both arrive simultaneously each day.  Similarly, it matters not what your friends or family believe you to BE right now, simply by believing that YOUR SOUL IS GOOD, you will receive IMMEDIATE benefits.

Now I'm not saying that you believe YOUR SOUL IS GOOD ok?  In fact, you might think you're a real jerk from way back.  You may wonder what contribution that you make to society or indeed whether your presence or lack thereof on the planet would make a scrap of fucking difference?  You may wonder why it's YOUR CONSCIENCE MIND in THAT BODY (glancing down at the tremendously huge orbs) and by way of some TWIST OF FATE that you should be IN IT and even more that you should be reading this fucking blog.

The list of reasons why you're a jerk is endless really isn't it?  And we dwell on this list everyday and kinda laugh at it because it's funny but at the same time, we feel guilty for being jerks too so there's kinda a double-edged sword happening here.  The humor makes as laugh (releases all sorts of good shit into the body) and the guilt motivates us to try and improve our character.  Just because we aren't PERFECT in our activities doesn't make us JERKS, but the desire to BECOME AWARE of the fact that you ARE A JERK and thus to take steps to eradicate the JERKY behavior DOES make us a JERK.  See what I mean?

It's a bit like Christina A's song about BEING BEAUTIFUL from a few years back.  I really felt where she was coming from in this song, as you sometimes feel when you're walking around out there in the big bad world that people would as good as stab you as smile at you so it becomes a sinister place "AND THE PERVERTED FEAR OF VIOLENCE CHOKES THE SMILE ON EVERY FACE" Chris Rea's ROAD TO HELL Part II ~ very poignant as the sense of the unknown when approaching strangers is always in your subconsciousness whether you're aware of it or not, and the surge of chemicals that rush to the head as a result of the excitement of that interaction.  ARE THE NATIVES FRIENDLY???? ***You ask yourself***

 Being beautiful however should be something that is more relevant to the soul than to physical appearance to MY mind.  After all, BEAUTY IN THE EYES OF WHO??  Us I suppose ~ humanity.  Do we really need to be so arrogant about our PHYSICAL APPEARANCE ???   Do we REALLY need to go to such huge lengths to appear DIFFERENT looking from other people when CONFORMITY is where we run for cover when we look for SOCIETY'S APPROVAL???

I think people need to understand what is valuable to us before they let it slip away and similarly we have to steer our youth towards a future that will ensure our revolution is quickened.   Yes time is endless, yes time is infinite, but time is also OF THE ESSENCE, particularly where humanity is concerned because our life span is relatively short and our period of practical application is limited.  

Do we want our children to love and respect us because of the things we give them, or do we want them to hate us for passing on a world full of anger and fear?  I know which I'd prefer but I don't know about you.

So when I talk about HAVING A GOOD SOUL I guess what I'm talking about is my INSTINCT.  I'm not talking anything spiritual or religious here, merely an idea that if you strip down a human and see what's in the forefront of his mind, I believe it is a desire to be loved and adored by his fellow man so that he may reciprocate.  We have a NATURAL INSTINCT to communicate and befriend each other, although we think each other completely strange.  It's ridiculous really.

Yes we have differences and yes we have changes in landscape and conditions which bring differences in people and culture, however I know it's a revolutionary idea but I think we are not as different from each other as SOME would have us believe.  For if we're all EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS of each other it stops us from really GROWING AND LEARNING as a collaborative effort and it enables SOMEONE SOMEWHERE to step in and take over relatively easily when disaster strikes.  

So your homework for this evening children is to EXPLORE YOUR INSTINCTS and start understanding who you are and how you feel about "STUFF"  Try and feel that you are an intrinsically GOOD person, designed to do good things, and it is quite surprising how quickly you WILL start to do good things.  I'm not saying you won't still be an asshole though ok?



  1. hey sweetness! I think you are right and we need to try and be as good as we can for ourselves so others can see the positive side! but you are still a Gorgeous creature to be adored and loved!

  2. Introspection is good! You must know yourself, before you can love yourself and then begin the long road to better yourself. By improving ourselves we can all do our sundry small parts in making this World a better place for our fellow man. But it all begins in our SOULS, as you've pointed out.

  3. as you say we all like to think our soul is good or bad and thet we are either good or evil. at end of day u have to be able to look in mirror and not be disgusted by what u see. interesting blog as usual, be well my friend, love you, JIMBO xx :))