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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Freedom - Any Such Thing?

"It May Be The Devil ~ Or It May Be The Lord ~ But You're Gonna Have To Serve Somebody" BOB DYLAN.

This is an interesting tune and worth a listen.  I remember hearing it on the transistor radio when I was a child which I'd have at my bedside locker at night to help me fall asleep.  I was listening to above track and remember visualising the various types of people that he mentions in the song and thinking they sounded like pretty good things to be and yet they still had to serve somebody.  I didn't quite understand what Bob was getting at here.  I thought that perhaps symbolically he was trying to tell me that no matter how high other people regard you and no matter how high in the echelons of society you may reach there will just be more and more people to serve and try to make happy "Whether They Are Good Or Bad" (ie. if they are THE DEVIL or if they are THE LORD).

Now of course we ALL know that humanity is not purely EVIL and not purely GOOD.  Indeed if they were like this then we wouldn't have lasted this long as all the evil people would have destroyed all the good people AND all the other evil people too.  Mother Teresa ~ who was in ALL our minds ~ GOOD PERSONIFIED, died in 1997 without replacement.  It was suggested that EVIL PERSONIFIED was Osama bin Laden who was shot in May 2011.  Whether these people were any BETTER/WORSE than you or I is another question.  Were they more passionate about their life experiences than us?  Most definitely as their actions and responses to stimuli were a lot more powerful than ours and their commitment to RIGHT WRONGS IN THEIR EYES was intense.  Both changed the world irrevocably through their actions and made us think a little more deeply about what we are and where we are going.  Sometimes it takes something shocking to remind us of the power of past grievances and how we treat each other on a GLOBAL SCALE is now far more an issue than it ever was before thanks to this little machine I'm typing into to deliver you this peaceful and well-meant message.

It is now time that we LAY DOWN OUR GUNS as Jimmy Barnes said.  The barrier to communication and compromise to co-exist in the world along with all other living creatures has now been reached and it's time to crossover.  We need to somehow cleanse ourselves of past pain and sorrow.  I hear you scoffing at my suggestion.  How can you JUST FORGET the atrocities that have been performed upon you during your lifetime?  How can you forget when your family was destroyed by the very people you trusted to protect you?  IT'S A HARD ROAD THAT YOU WALK WHEN IT'S ON THE WAY TO DESPAIR.  But it's a bit like at the movies when you hear people that love each other saying "YOU HAVE TO BE STRONG NOW" and keep going, even though you feel totally misunderstood, that people don't love or care about you, that you are a VICTIM and are at the mercy of everyone and everything around you.  Despite this, you must hold your head up high no matter what your origins or what obstacles you feel have been left to sort out and make a better go of it than was tried before.  Some pain and suffering is too great to bear and simply cannot be forgiven until another generation goes past.  But how many generations of people must go out to war?  Have we not already learned our lessons?  Can we not MOVE ON NOW?  When will we not see that global communication is necessary for the future prosperity of the planet?  If we continue to fight each other like packs of marauding wolves just because we worship a different God or because our skin is a different color or because of pain that was caused by previous generations, how will we come to see that from space we just look ridiculous like a bunch of arseholes trying to kill each other and take power of each other's domain?  I like the idea of MY LIFE BEING FOR RENT like DIDO says because essentially it is true and you can't take anything with you to your grave except the vain hope that your children and your children's children may live to see another sun come up.  Otherwise what's it all been for?

FREEDOM?  Do you think we can be this whilst we're alive?  Perhaps we should all go permanently into virtual reality and never come out?  I mean, they don't need to eat or get rid of waste.  PRINCE said we cannot be FREE until we TRULY DIE.  Well someone else probably said it too but I remember this version and I thank the heaven and the stars above for the fact that one day I will be able to SHUFFLE OFF and finally be at PEACE.  For this is what we all desire to be at one with the world ... ASHES TO ASHES ... FUNK TO FUNKY ... WE KNOW MAJOR TOM IS BOWIE ... STRUNG OUT IN HEAVEN'S HIGH ... HITTING AN ALL TIME LOW ...

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  1. I hope u don't SHUFFLE OFF too soon, I would genuinely miss u. I wish I could be with u and help u find PEACE here while we both live, and we could be together for what's left of our lives.
    From this blog and other statements, I begin to understand more of ur PAIN and the possible reason for ur sister Sandy's suicide. Keep strong and know I truly love u, not just for obvious reasons but for u the person I've come to know as friend and fallen in love with the soul that is inside. Take care UR LOVED xx :)