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Sunday, October 21, 2012


Where do we get our inspiration from? From other living creatures mainly. Some people get their kicks from inanimate objects and are extremely materialistic in their nature. The older we get, however, the more we come to understand that the objects THEMSELVES cannot provide us with any substantial sense of happiness or well-being, because they do not have the capacity to do anything for us at all, except what they were designed to do by us, and they've probably been broken or you've stopped doing that kind of activity or you've lost the ability to perform certain functions that the object made easier to conduct.

So when you're middle aged you start to through out all the shit that you've accumulated with your hard earned cash and begin to question your motivation for the purchase of such things? What INSPIRED me to give me the idea that I NEEDED this??

Some people, of course, are highly motivated by flora and fauna. It has become acutely apparent to me, for instance, that humans much prefer a dog as company to a fellow human. Perhaps it's because they don't answer back and they won't fuck off with half your shit somewhere down the track. Or maybe it's because humans are simply TOO DIFFICULT to deal with on a daily basis, what with all their needs and desires etc. A dog just wants you to feed it and take it for a walk and scratch its nuts occasionally. It won't question your methods or wonder at your weird nightly ritual or snigger behind your back when you fuck up. They're smelly and they harbor parasites, but hey, humans have terrible body odour and are prone to finding MEAL TICKETS so I see a couple of similarities there already. The Dog, however, is in danger of being superseded by the ROBOT, which in the future will have human like 'skin' and perhaps even some degree of human emotion ... but programmed to agree with us COMPLETELY of course. No arguments from me there.

Some people, like my Mother, prefer flora to fauna. They spend ours digging around in the Earth and adding lots of nutrients to the soil so that they may grow flora of their own and adorn their street with flowers and shrubs. They take great pride in their garden and toil quite hard in order for their flowers to flourish. A great sense of accomplishment, I suppose, is attained from sustaining this kind of interest and attention to nature. What has inspired my Mother and others to behave like this and why do I, in contrast, not give a fuck about growing trees or planting seeds? I don't know.

I used to be inspired by my love of animals. Sadly my motivation for this kind of activity has diminished, primarily because we are such hypocrites when it comes to the care and maintenance of those creatures with whom we share the Earth. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with breeding certain creatures for milk and food. In fact, I would be so bold as to suggest that without a PURPOSE, these animals may not even exist on the Earth. I mean to say what the fuck good is a cow to anyone unless we drink its milk and eat its flesh? Hardly ornamental, not got any strength and is as thick as a brick. Thus my summation ~ enjoy eating other animals. They give us protein. But please don't fucking TORTURE them beforehand, because quite frankly, I'LL LOSE MY FUCKING APPETITE.

However I digress. I have wandered from my initial premise, which is to find inspiration. I think the world has become scared that "ORIGINALITY BELONGS TO YESTERDAY" like Frankie Valli said in GREASE. POPPYCOCK! We've only just struck the tip of the fucking iceberg here. We really have so many old issues to overcome before we can move on and be the people we are supposed to be. We are not meant to follow a list of instructions and believe that this our life's destiny.

You are meant to be inspired into finding your own life's journey and create your own course of action. If you crash and burn, so be your destiny. If you rise above the flock, you will be revered for all eternity for the riches your brought to your fellow man.

Don't believe that anyone has already found the answer. YOU MUST FIND THE ANSWER. Not just for you either. But for the future of human kind.

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