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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Forever Autumn

"Darker Days Are Drawing Near ..."

I sense that soon it will be time. I know not when the signal will be given. I suppose that I will have no glimmer of thought about it whatsoever when it is imminent, but rather going about my daily routine, clueless of what is about to take place.

But prey don't disturb me with thoughts of doom when the sun still streams through the open window and the sweet trill of the bobtail still reaches my ear. How can such sad things happen when the sound is so sweet and the vision so breathtaking? How can people suffer and endure torturous crimes against nature when upon examination it appears to move inexorably towards its fate without human intervention? How can life go on so in the midst of these atrocities? And now that we are so used to their occurrence we no longer raise an eyebrow or tut under our breath, for this is simply THE WAY WE ARE and we need not question it further?

A child's dreams of treasure and riches may fill us with possibilities, but in a man's ultimate destiny is no place for such things. We must travel alone to the other place, without belongings or indeed even conscious thought, for our bodies shall not pass either. I fear there are times when this idea is comforting and I can almost close my eyes and reach the precipice where I am to be stationed forever in a static world with no more pain, fear, sadness or angst. The albeit few happy memories and treasured moments with loved ones will also slip away from consciousness and we are then but a spirit on the wind for all eternity.

Prey what power will we have in this form? Shall we slip through cracks in doorways and sleep with strangers unwittingly in their beds - a mere apparition for the living to step through without knowledge? Will we be afforded the pain of watching our old families from the heavens, as they mourn and inevitably forget us as their life moves on?

... Or rather, and perhaps more poignantly, all that we have endured on Earth will be left far far behind us and we will enter a kind of bubble where there is no love, no pain and no emotions. It will be our GIFT for the long journey and we need not suffer a moment more with our Earthly concerns.

But there is something you must know before this event. There is something we all need to know in order for the transition to be executed appropriately and for the spirit bubble to envelope the soul. But prey WHAT IS IT? What is the missing link? When we will know what is in store?



  1. Wow Caz, very deep and perceptive, leave me feeling happy and sad at same time. love you and your blogs, pictures and videos. hope Sam, James and your mother are all well. be safe my friend/love .....
    James <3 xx

  2. Thanks Jimbo. You're a true friend to me, I'll never forget that ever x

  3. always hope and dream that i could be more than just friend, never forget i love u and in loving u i unconditionally love sam and James too x